Union Budget 2013: Who said what

After Finance Minister P Chidambaram presented the Union Budget 2013 in Parliament today, we bring you the industry and political reactions.

'Disappointing, confusing and an average budget'

This is a very disappointing and confusing budget. The nine-year-old non-performing government has brought an average budget: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP spokesperson

'Prudent, productive and progressive'

This budget is prudent, productive and progressive. We are in a difficult economic situation and he has presented the budget that will favor the common man: Manish Tewari, Minister for Information and Broadcasting.

'Chidambaram has managed the tightrope'

The maths is puzzling me, still have to work it out. We need to look at the fine print before we celebrate but I think he has managed the tightrope: Naina Lal Kidwai, Country Head, HSBC

'Chidambaram is confidently moving forward'

Chidambaram has ensured that the difficulties did not throw us out. We know where we are going. He is confidently moving forward: Salman Khurshid, Minister for External Affairs

'Budget of tactics'

As I had expected the budget has been presented accordingly. It is a budget of tactics. The fiscal deficit has been played with. The economic problem will deepen in future. There is no any road map of this budget: Yashwant Sinha, BJP leader

'Winners will be the women of India'

Road blocks will be dealt with in any form. Chidambaram spoke well on the behalf of the cabinet. We will be back to 8 % growth rate. Winners will be the women of India and the youth of India will be at advantage: PM Manmohan Singh

'Nobody could have done a better job'

I am happy with the budget. I don't think any Finance Minister could have done better: Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communications and IT

'This Budget has little to offer'

The budget presented by the Finance Minister has little to offer to the economy. The budget is a verbose and extremely low. It will put the economy in a distress: Arun Jaitley, BJP leader

'Unimaginative, dull and boring budget'

The Finance Minister does not see the face of the farmer and common man. This was an unimaginative, dull and boring budget. The expectations were that it will bring some hope to the country; it has not happened. The common man was not even mentioned in the budget: Sushma Swaraj, BJP leader

'Worst idea ever'

"It's the worst idea (on opening banks for women) I have seen anywhere, and in any budget. Why not establish an Islamic bank, SC Bank, ST Bank: Dr Surjit Bhalla, economist.

'Election budgets are the sweet nothings of politics'

Election budgets are the sweet nothings of politics. Finance Ministers make promises they have no intention of keeping. So it is this year: Derek O'Brein, Trinamool Congress MP.

'Thank you, Mr Chidambaram'

There should be some change in the standards of backward states and special category states. There should be central assistance. Principally, it has been accepted in the budget. I thank him (P Chidambaram) for that: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

'Singling out SUVs destroys a level field'

No quarrel if all large cars taxed. Singling out SUV's destroys a level field. Sad, one has to fight harder to succeed in one's own country.

'Create a vision statement'

Whichever govt comes to power in 2014 should create a vision statement that we will do everything to have the most competitive private sector and most efficient public governance system in the world in India: Infosys Chairman Emeritus N R Narayana Murthy