The Evolution of Gmail

As Gmail turns 9, we look back at the important milestones along the way.

Gmail launched

Gmail launches as an invite-only beta. First webmail to be built on Ajax, with 1GB storage (20 times the standard for email providers at the time), threaded conversations and more. Not an April Fool's joke!

Gmail turns 1

Happy first birthday Gmail! As a present, Gmail users get 2GB of storage!

Gmail goes mobile

Gmail comes to the phone with Gmail for mobile web.

Gmail offers chat

Remember when you could only use your email to email? Gmail now offers chat.

Google launches Gmail Calendar

Google Calendar launches, Gmail Calendar = A perfect match

Gmail for your Domain

Introducing Gmail for your Domain, a pilot program (and precursor to Google Apps) that lets businesses and schools use Gmail for their organization.

Gmail hits 40 different languages

Gmail hits 40 languages with addition of Hebrew and Arabic

Gmail's Valentine gift

Gmail spreads the love for Valentine's Day by make open signups available worldwide

Access Gmail anywhere

Gmail becomes one the first email providers to offer free IMAP for all devices. Now Gmail can be accessed anywhere

Gmail gets forgotten attachment detector

Embarrassment avoided with the launch of the forgotten attachment detector, no more "Oops" emails for Gmail users

Gmail comes to Android

Gmail gets its first Android app, released on T-Mobile's G1

Now video chat for Gmail users

If chat and email weren't enough, now Gmail users can video chat one-on-one right from their inboxes

Gmail can be accessed offline

Access email on a plane (or a train) with offline Gmail

Do you regret sending a message?

Even more embarrassment avoided: introducing the much desired Undo Send

Bye Bye Beta

Gmail finally leaves beta!

Here comes the Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox makes managing email easier

Extra protection with 2-step verification

Gmail users get an extra level of protection from the hackers with free 2-step verification

Gmail makeover

Makeover day! Gmail gets a new look as a part of Google's redesign

Gmail reaches out to iOS users

iPhone and iPad users rejoice . Gmail launches an app for iOS

Gmail increases storage space

Gmail storage upped to 10GB (remember the good old days of 1GB?)

Gmail hits 425 million user mark

Gmail hits 425 million active users

Forget one-on-one video chat

Forget one-on-one. Free ten person video chat is now possible in Gmail with Google Hangouts

Gmail in Cherokee

Gmail gets its 57th language (Cherokee) and counting

Say hello to Drive files

Goodbye attachments! Gmail lets you insert Drive files up to 10GB

Multitasking is here

Gmail users get a whole new compose experience that's great for multitasking.

Gmail turns 9

Gmail turns 9!