Modi's big quotes from his victory speech

Narendra Modi will return for a third term as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Here are quotes from his victory speech in Ahmedabad and tweets.

'The heroes are the 6 cr Gujaratis'

"Political pundits can discuss Modi all they want, but today's hero is the six-crore strong electorate of Gujarat."

Modi asks for forgiveness

"If I have made any mistakes, forgive me. Give me your blessings so I make no mistakes in the future."

'Gujarat makes government accountable'

"They (Gujarat voters) make governments accountable by re-electing political parties. This futuristic thought can come only from a mature electorate - I congratulate the voters of Gujarat."

Modi about economy and governance

"They used to say good economics doesn't make good politics - in Gujarat, people have shown that good economics and good governance can be shown; they support it."

Modi's Gujarat

"I have just one dream - My Gujarat!"

"Main khel Dilli se jeetna chata tha"

"Main khel Dilli se jeetna chata tha, aaj who khel janata ne mujhe jita diya (I wanted to win the game against Delhi. Today the people have made me win that)," Modi said in a direct attack on the Centre.

Modi's tweet on his win

"I thank all those who voted for us & promise those who have not voted for us that we will work harder to get your vote next time!, " tweeted Narendra Modi.

Modi's win for India's prosperity

"This is a win for all those people across the country who want India to prosper."

'Paseena jeet jayega aur paise harega'

"Is chunaav mein ek taraf lakhon logon ka paseena hain aur doosri taraf paisa hain. Maine kaha tha paseena jeet jayega aur paise harega"

Gujarat has written a new chapter, tweets Modi

"Gujarat has written a new chapter with a new language in the annals of Indian politics - one that rewards unity, harmony &Vikas!", tweeted Narendra Modi.

BJP's massive win

"If you add up Congress' seats in Gujarat and Himachal, and it's still less than BJP's."

People's certificate of merit for Modi

"The people have given me their mandate. I need no certificate from anyone else."

'By serving Gujarat, I serve India'

"With your permission, I will visit Delhi for a day on the December 27. (People chant PM, PM...) By serving Gujarat, I serve India"

'I will win people's heart'

"Aaj aapne mujhe jeet liya hain, aane waale paanch saal mujhe aapko jeetna hai"

Modi tweets about good governance

"This is not just a victory of Gujarat, but also a message to everyone that development & good governance triumph over divide & rule politics," tweeted Narendra Modi.